Maybe it's a bit peculiar, but we love writing grants. All that opportunity for positive change is exciting! So really, you'd be doing us a favor. 



We write all types of grant proposals, including federal, state, county, city, private foundation and corporate giving. 

Government grants can be opportunities to receive support for programmatic change or they can be collaborative agreements to test a theory before the industry makes a change. Foundation grants and corporate giving can do these things too, but more often they support programs that are important, but not necessarily viable without commitments from the philanthropic community.  

We can help you take your innovative program and learn to identify opportunities to turn your concepts into actualities. Grants and philanthropy are all about the public good and we can help bring your project out into the light so the giving community can see its value. 

We can also help you respond when potential grantors, both government and private funders, request information to help them make decisions about funding priorities or the feasibility of an idea they are touting.  Sometimes it’s in the phrasing and we can help you design compelling responses to influence outcomes.



An important part of any successful grant program is understanding potential funding opportunities for project concepts. We closely monitor government grant availability and use a database of tens of thousands of foundation and corporate giving sources. 


You want to write your own proposal? Great! We love to edit your draft proposals to make them even stronger, as well as provide technical assistance during the process.


Not sure a grant fits your needs? Maybe what you need is help repackaging your capital campaign, or you need to engage a larger donor base or even compel your current donors to expand their generosity. We can help you with that too! We can also help you design successful fundraisers and strengthen your strategic giving plan.