At first glance, Clark Kent is nothing special. But beneath an unassuming exterior, he had the power to change the world. That's how we think about your business.

At Atromitos, we are committed to helping you realize your full and boundless potential through our creative, thoughtful organizational effectiveness work. We don't change your people. We empower your team.


The economy is evolving rapidly, and organizations all over the world are trying to keep up, constantly retooling, reassessing, and re-positioning. Most organizations automatically look to businesses processes, technology, and other operations they can easily control. What they fail to do is put the necessary focus on their people.

That's where we come in. 

our keys to effective people-empowerment
(Or, in your words, organizational effectiveness)



organizational design

We work with our partners to assess, and if necessary, redesign structures to empower high performance through individual roles and responsibilities, tools for stakeholder engagement, collaborative governance models, and metrics to monitor organizational effectiveness. 

TRANSFORMATIONal change management

When transitioning people from current state to future state, there's nothing more important than effective change management strategy. We work tirelessly to understand your organization's culture and developing a plan that engages staff and gets them directly involved with the vision for change. Our approach is rooted in your cultural context, seeking to empower your people to be agents of change.


Talent management & Strategy

We asses skills of staff and volunteers and thoroughly plan for improvement through recruitment, training and coaching, as well as organizational human capital strategies to acquire and retain the right people to work everyday to further your organization's mission and reach its full potential.


executive coaching

An organization is only as strong as its leaders. We work with our partner executives to improve their leadership capabilities and skills to significantly inspire them to make an even bigger impact on their organization. We apply a proven method of coaching that focuses on each leader's unique strengths and development needs. It's never one-size-fits-all. It's always confidential and designed to empower sense of purpose, professional effectiveness, and self-awareness through feedback, dialogue, and accountability.