strategic planning

Is your organization operating without a thoughtful, intentional plan for the future? Atromitos' strategic planning work looks at the challenges you face daily, as well as the challenges that are on the horizon, preventing you from moving confidently toward your vision, mission, and future. We work with you on a road map that will move your organization forward, fearlessly.

research & Policy

With over 25 years of combined experience working for federal, state, and local governments, Atromitos understands the intersection of legislation, regulation, and business. We contribute to our partners' success through excellence in research, analysis, and evaluation. We conduct program evaluations; policy development and analysis; and federal rule-making analysis and response.


stakeholder Engagement

Every organization aims for one important goal: to stay relevant in the face of a quickly evolving economy and business landscape. A focus on relevancy requires frequent and effective communication with the individuals and groups who depend on, or are impacted by, your organization and the decisions it makes every day. Atromitos brings a wealth of knowledge on how to engage stakeholders and adapt your business strategy so that it is responsive to the needs and concerns of key groups of people.

Change Management

Atromitos is committed to working with our partners on change of all sizes, from initial assessment to implementation, and throughout the course of any transition. But there's no one approach. Our Change Management approach is tailored specifically to our partner organization's needs. That sets us apart.


Organizational Effectiveness

The economy is evolving rapidly and organizations all over the world are trying to keep up: constantly retooling, reassessing, and re-positioning. Most organizations automatically look to businesses processes, technology, and other operations they can easily control. What they fail to do is put the necessary focus on their people. Empowering your team may be the most important thing you do as a leader. That's where we come in. 


Whether you're looking at a day-to-day operations meeting, a Board Retreat, a strategic visioning session, or a large conference, Atromitos can help. We understand the importance and value of a highly effective meeting. And we're really organized. That's why we're so good at management of the meeting process through structured agendas, ground rules, and consensus building that leads to appropriate next steps.


Grant Writing & FUNDRAISING

We write all types of grant proposals, including federal, state, county, city, private foundation and corporate giving. We also provide in-depth research on funding opportunities, as well as offer technical editing services for your proposals to ensure your best chance at the dollars you need to move your organization forward.

Communications & Speech-writing

Atromitos understands the power of the spoken word and what it takes to deliver the kind of speech that drives action. We also are intimately familiar with the principles of modern inbound marketing, from social to modern print design and everywhere in between. And you should see our case statements! With our team of experts, let us help you hone your message and deliver it in a way you never imagined.