Public policy is complicated. We get it. But it doesn't have to be. At Atromitos, we have over 25 years combined experience working at the highest level of federal, state, and local governments, with a focus on issues like healthcare and Social Security, as well as the federal rulemaking process.

Bottom line? We can help bring policy issues into focus.

We contribute to our partners' success through excellence in research, analysis, and evaluation. We conduct program evaluations; policy development and analysis; and federal rulemaking analysis and response. 

The regulatory landscape is complicated; we make it understandable and actionable through in-depth evaluation of regulatory, administrative, and programmatic operations to determine whether an organization is most effectively meeting the mission and goals of the government program. We identify risk and opportunity. We tell you exactly how you can improve program performance. 

What we do: 


Strategic regulatory planning


legislative & regulatory analysis & response


program evaluation


regulatory & policy reform

Policy Brief and White Paper development & Research


internal policies, procedures, programs, and manuals development & review for compliance

Legislation and politics can have wide-ranging implications for organizations both inside and outside government. Every day, organizations big and small are making complex decisions involving regulated industries that operate at the meeting point of legislative, political, regulatory, and commercial factors.

We take our government expertise and put it to work for you through in-depth analysis of the effect of healthcare policy and other regulations on your competitiveness, comparative analysis of proposed policy alternatives, effects of regulations across constituencies, and analysis of unintended consequences that can stand in the way of desired outcomes and success.

We also work with organizations to develop and/or assess their internal policies and procedures, program descriptions, and operation manuals against legislative, regulatory, and accrediting standards and requirements for compliance.

Compliance, at its heart, is about doing the right thing. This is a deceptively simple concept set inside the complexity of the healthcare industry. 

We can help you “gameify” your compliance testing.  “Gamification” makes testing of compliance much less tedious for staff and more understandable through hands on experience. It can be a challenge to help staff, from leadership to management to line staff, understand their role in compliance and how it pertains to their roles at work, this is one way to help clear up any haziness. 

Policy development can be tough with changing regulations. We can analyze what your policies cover to make sure you’re meeting compliance requirements. You may have too many policies or not enough, either way we can help you determine how you stand. 

We can conduct HIPAA privacy reviews with your staff and help you set up the best way to test the reliability of your policies and breach response plans. We can also help identify the weaknesses in your compliance strategy, evaluation of your compliance plans, or develop new compliance plans for establishments that are new to the regulations. 

Familiarity and transparency breed staff who are interested in and willing to participate in a working compliance program that protects the company. In addition, reputation can play a big role in patient choice, ensuring your facility is compliant is one way for patients to feel good about their provider choice.