Every organization strives to stay relevant in the face of a constantly evolving business landscape. To do so, it must engage those groups and individuals who have a stake in the decisions it makes every day. But before you engage, you must understand. And, it doesn't just happen overnight.

You must plan, you must build relationships, and above all else, you must be deliberate. The stakes are high... and the success of your organization depends on it.  


We've heard it time and time again: doesn't it make an organization look weak to ask for the advice and opinions of others? 

Absolutely not. If an organization makes a business decision without talking to the people who that decision will impact, they're guessing. When it comes to stakeholder engagement, the information gained leads to more informed leadership, more engaged stakeholders, and better decisions.

To stay relevant, organizations must engage in frequent and effective communication with the individuals and groups who depend on, or are impacted by, your organization and the decisions it makes every day. Atromitos brings a wealth of knowledge on how to engage stakeholders and adapt your business strategy so that it is responsive to the needs and concerns of key groups of people. 

Atromitos believes that stakeholder engagement is in need of a significant overhaul to ensure that engagement is deep, multi-faceted and used as a way to innovate the way you do business. 

To be successful and sustainable, every organization, its policies, and day-to-day activities must reflect the needs and values of relevant stakeholders. Through direct experience and identified best practices, Atromitos has developed a powerful and proven method to guide the stakeholder engagement process and ensure continued engagement rooted in three key principles: inclusiveness, meaningfulness, and transparency.  

Through this work, we ensure an organization is not only effectively engaging its stakeholder, but using this engagement as a means to innovate and ensure future business sustainability and success. 

With these guiding principles in mind, Atromitos:


conducts a comprehensive stakeholder analysis


develops and implements a deliberate, informed stakeholder plan


Tracks and documents stakeholder activities and outcomes


develops a comprehensive plan for continued engagement activities and metrics to measure success