CCNC Networks
Network Business Activity Survey

The Collaborative Decision Making workgroup’s goal is to clearly define the business relationships among CCNC, N3CN, and the CCNC Networks and set out key contractual provisions that will govern the business relationships among the organizations. Currently, the CCNC Networks have a contract with N3CN to carry out services that support North Carolina’s Medicaid medical home model. These services include care management and practice support. These services are funded through a PMPM paid by Medicaid. Networks also have a Master Services or Collaboration Agreement with CCNC through which scopes of work are identified, such as Heart Health Now, that will further the objective of building a strong medical home network for Medicaid beneficiaries. The work carried out under the MSA is funded largely through grants obtained by CCNC. 

The workgroup understands that some Networks have grants that fund programs that are separate from the work conducted on behalf of N3CN or CCNC and that some Networks may have contracts for other services provided to non-Medicaid customers. As the Networks and CCNC seek to enter new markets and contract with new customers, it is important that the workgroup identify any existing contracts, programs, or grants that Networks may have in these other areas. This survey is the means through which the workgroup will obtain this information. 

It is very important that every Network respond to the survey with as complete and accurate information as possible.