CCNC Networks Survey - CC4C Network Leads

Primary functions of the Central Office are aimed at engaging network staff to work collaboratively, promote peer-to-peer networking, share best practices, communicate, train and support.  Historically, the primary vehicle to accomplish this has been through our Workgroup and/or Committee structures. The purpose of this survey is to identify what is working well, what is not working well, and opportunities to improve. The time you spend traveling and attending these meetings is valuable time away from the field. The survey results will be used to develop an effective, efficient structure that provides optimal support to Network staff. Please provide honest feedback in this survey so we can develop a structure that will ensure you receive the support you need in a manner that will be a good use of your time. Responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide your personal information below. Thank you for your participation.

Due to a technical glitch in the previous survey, please complete the following information on the CC4C Network Leads meeting.